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Day One - 7 February 2019

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End of life/bereavement

Bereavement care is an explicit part of end of life care which should extend to those caring for the dying and the dead (WHO 2002). Quality bereavement care should ensure that patients, families and significant others are supported in any circumstance – from the diagnosis of dying, irrespective of place of death, mode of death.


Fiona believes that End of Life (EoL) and Bereavement Care is the responsibility of all professionals regardless of workplace or job role. In the majority of NHS organisations, EoL support is offered to patients and families of those expected to die, however offering bereavement support to families of patients dying suddenly or unexpectedly is a challenge and one that the majority of care settings do not meet. The acknowledgement that we have an NHS and social care system in crisis with an ever growing elderly population, increasing death rate year on year and a hugely diverse population – all with differing needs indicates that creativity is needed to be able to deliver a first class End of Life / Bereavement Service that is equitable to all those under the umbrella of End of Life Care. That is why she created the SWAN model of End of Life Care. A simplistic tool created that makes end of life and bereavement care everyone’s business.

Fiona is a speaker at Nursing Careers & Jobs Fair
Fiona Murphy

Associate Director of Nursing, Northern Care Alliance NHS
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