Covid safety information


We have put a number of measures in place for live events to ensure a Covid-19 safe event. This will protect exhibitors and visitors. 
These measures will address 4 key areas:
1.    Social & Physical Distancing
2.    Cleaning & Hygiene
3.    Protection & Detection
4.    Communication

1.    Social & Physical Distancing
We are working with our registration provider Jonas Events to minimise queueing and contact during the registration process. In a change to our normal practice at live events, we are introducing print at home badges and all visitors will have to register in advance. Please do not forget to print off your badge at home or have it ready to be scanned on your mobile phone. If you are unable to print at home, we will be able to do this for you on site.
The floorplan has been reviewed to increase aisle widths and improve the flow of traffic
and separate entry and exit points into the exhibition will be in operation.

2.    Cleaning & Hygiene
We will be working with the venue to arrange enhanced cleaning prior to opening and during the live event and paying particular attention to touch points, restrooms, and catering areas.
Hand sanitiser stations will be located throughout the venue and signs will be clearly displayed encouraging good hand hygiene. 

3.    Protection & DetectionWe recommend that you wear a face mask for the duration of the event unless you have a medical exemption. We ask that you provide your stand staff with masks although we will carry an emergency supply of disposable masks.

4.    Communication 
We communicate with all registered attendees regularly via email prior to the event on all aspects of health and safety relating to Covid-19.
At the event we will display signage that is clear and located in prominent positions for the benefit of visitors and to give you reassurance that health & safety is our number one priority.
We will utilise the public address system to give clear and repeated messages throughout the live event to stress the importance of social distancing, hand sanitising and wearing masks.


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