Take a look at the workshop programme for RCNi Nursing Careers and Jobs Fair Glasgow. Plan ways you will be gaining CPD hours in 2020. 

Sessions are subject to change.

Day One - 25 March 2020

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Talk by Elysium

Mark Coningsby

Mark has lead on Preceptorship in the independent sector for 5 years. With his experience working as a HCA before qualifying as a RMN in 2004, knowledge gained as a Management of Violence and Aggression Tutor for 6 years and training staff in H&S, BLS and other areas, he understands the amount of pressure a newly qualified nurse can feel, when starting in that first new job. Be that on the ward or even that first day in induction!

Mark has spent his time speaking with hundreds of students, listening to what they want in a Preceptorship and has supported almost 300 newly qualified nurses through their Preceptorship. With the backing of Elysium Healthcare, the programme has been accredited by the RCN and delivers two cohorts, starting 6 months a part, with 11 days of training over 12 months away from hospital services!

That’s why Elysium Healthcare feel they lead the field in Preceptorship and during Marks talks you will learn more about how to ask the right questions at a job fair. When you should be asking them, of your potential employer and yourself and how to 

Mark Coningsby, Preceptorship Academy & University Lead, Elysium Healthcare
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Talk by Lancashire Care

Talk by Farzana Kauser

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Talk by Glasgow Caledonian University

Talk by Colin McDuff by Glasgow Caledonian University